Princess Layouts

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Article Courtesy by Heidi Anne Giebel

What's more fun for any little (or big) girl than pretending to be a princess? Whether it's a Disney princess or a real royal one, scrapbooking our princess adventures can be a true delight.

Here are 10 of my favorite Princess-inspired scrapbook layouts made by you that really bring out our inner divas!

  1. Meeting the Princesses by PamFSU29: This bright and sunny 8 ½" by 11" layout showcases three of the Disney Princesses along with the page designer's child. Beautiful stitching frames the page, and the pastel lace and trim complete the look.

  2. ***A Whole New World ***The Color Room by Jennifer Y.: A visit with Princess Jasmine is the focus of this scrapbook page. One large photo clustered with two smaller ones creates a balance to this page.

  3. Pretty Little Princess by KristineB: The exquisite die-cut piece of patterned paper layered along with some pieces of complementary paper really give this page a delicate, frilly feel. A bird, butterflies, flowers and a lace bow are the crowning touches to this perfect princess page.

  4. Christmas Princess by Skyscrapper: This charming, whimsical page really brings the photo to the forefront with minimal embellishments. The white line frame and journaling on the right complement and keep the focus on the tiny sleeping princess.

  5. Today I'm The Princess by Theblingprincess: This lovely monochromatic scrapbook page is a tribute to a beautiful bride. The cut-out work layered over a contrasting patterned paper really helps the black-and-white photo to stand out and be the focus of this page.

  6. We were princesses by Eiramannod: If it were not for the photo you would never know that this is a heritage page. Filled with contemporary flowers, birds and butterflies, the photo on this princess page could just as easily be swapped out for one that was taken today.

  7. KM & WW : the royal wedding by Ozgirl: There is nothing more fun than a wedding, and when a royal Princess is involved the glamour factor rises. The scrapbook artist of this page assembled her four photos, including the Union Jack, into a top note shape for drama. Along with some flowers and a banner this is a flirty, fun page is worthy of any royal celebration!

  8. I Didn't Ask To Be The Princess But Somebody Has To Do It by Mkp: We certainly cannot leave out our furry princesses and this page is a perfect example! Simple yet elegant, this page highlights the endearing photo and the little crown on top of the pup's head is just the right touch.

  9. I Caught a Mermaid by Gabriellep: Lovely embellishments on this page surround this amazing photo. This whole scrapbook page screams out royalty and princess. From the filigree to the flowers to the castle tower, only a true princess could be showcased on this page.

  10. Every Princess Needs A Castle by Reneabouquets: This princess page truly shows the beautiful layering talent of its creator. The photos look perfect nestled among a gorgeous circle of pearls and glitz, while from behind, lovely patterned paper peeks out. The mix of handwriting and glittery chipboard letters really allow the title to stand out on this page.

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