Boston: Through the iPhone Lens

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My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Boston, Massachusetts. We are on a quest to see all the baseball stadiums and needed to cross Fenway Park off our list. In an effort to see the vacation through two different perspectives, we opted to take photographs with both our DSLR camera and our iPhone 5. I took photos with the iPhone and he took photos with the DSLR.

Today I am going to share some tips and tricks to use when taking photos with your phone and documenting your vacation with those photos.

 Here are my favorite photo editing apps:

  • Pic Tap Go: This app allows you to choose a photo and shows you all the different filters applied to the photo. You can add more than one filter and you can also save “recipes” to use over and over. I like to take a photo, use Pic Tap Go to edit and then import it into Instagram to share with others.
  • A Beautiful Mess App: This app allows you to edit your photos and write on them. It’s always fun to journal in the white space of a photo if you have something you don’t want to forget.
  • Rhonna Designs App: If you love Rhonna Farrer's designs (My Mind’s Eye, Autumn Leaves), you will love her app. It allows you to edit and add text as well.
  • Pic Stitch: If you enjoy doing Project Life you should definitely check out this app. It allows you to place multiple photos on one canvas and print them.
  • Shutterfly: Even if you don’t order from them, it’s a great idea to upload from your phone onto Shutterfly to ensure you will always have your photos if your phone is lost or stolen. I upload weekly and wait for them to have a sale before ordering.

 Here are some of my favorite Boston photos after editing with Pic Tap Go:




Here are my tips for taking photos on vacation:

  • - Take photos of street signs and sidewalk art.
  • - Take photos of various graffiti (it is so different everywhere you go).
  • - If your phone allows you to take panoramic photos, try it! You may find you can capture more and it’s a photo that will be great in your scrapbooks.
  • - Take photos of all your food. I photographed every meal and dessert. I have to admit it was a bit embarrassing printing all those photos at Sam’s Club. Yet, it is fun to look back on all of our fabulous meals. I plan to make Project Life pages with all of the food photos. I will be sharing them here soon.
  • - Take photos with both the phone and the DSLR and compare them. It’s fun to see the difference in the eye and perspective of the two photographers.
  • - Photograph your feet in all different places, on concrete, grass, cobblestone, next to writing on the street and use the photos as part of your vacation story. 

Also, I want to encourage you to keep a day-by-day journal of all you do and funny things that happen. We always note the “soundtrack of summer,” those songs we hear over and over everywhere we are. Last summer it was “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and this summer it was “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

After returning home I print many of my favorite photos and either scrapbook them or put them in photo albums for all to enjoy. I am also considering mixing layouts and divided page protectors to document our trips in order to tell the story more effectively.


Here is a layout I made documenting the memorial outside a church for those injured or killed in the Boston bombings. The photos were taken with my iPhone.




To create this layout:

1. Begin with a white sheet of cardstock as your base.

2. Trim a sheet of patterned paper down by 1" all the way around and adhere it to the white cardstock.

3. Take your 8" x 10" photo and adhere it to navy patterned paper and trim so it has a 1/2" border.

4. Adhere your photo to the patterned paper and adhere to the layout on the left side.

5. Add a tab to the top of the photo and embellish.

6. Add vellum to the right of the photo and add your journaling.

7. Add stickers and journaling spots to the bottom right of the photo.  

 I hope I have inspired you to use your cell phone to capture images and memories as you travel. 


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