Get Gutsy: Let Ribbon Update Your Scrapbooking Style

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Get Gutsy: Let Ribbon Update Your Scrapbooking Style
By Jill Davis, Founder of

Are you the kind of a scrapbooker who will try any technique, tool or embellishment at least once?  Or do you stick to things you know you’re good at?  If you answered “Yes” to the latter, you might be missing out on the joy and excitement of stepping out of your comfort zone.  Steps “out” can actually be steps toward conquering fears when it comes to scrapbooking. Product Designer, Vanesa Ruiz’s scrapbooking style has changed since she got gutsy with ribbon.  She uses ribbon confidently and in simple ways to add perfect finishing touches that “tie" her layout elements together.

Feeling brave and want to know more?  You can do a search in the Superstore with the word “ribbon” and find lots of ribbon-related supplies which can get your creative juices flowing.  Or, you can keep on reading and I’ll share brief product descriptions and links to what you would find in your search.  When you’re finished, I dare you to try something new and exciting with ribbon in your scrapbooks by using it in a new or existing layout!    

Making Memories new book, Ribbonrie, introduces and shows numerous ways to incorporate ribbon into everyday living, scrapbooks and special occasions.

Fray Check keeps fabric and the cut ends of ribbon sealed so they don’t fray away.  Applicator is fine-tipped.

(Layout By Vanesa Ruiz)

Packaged Ribbons:
Making Memories Woven Ribbons and Attachment Kits
Woven ribbon and an assortment of matching painted-metal attachments. 6 kits. 6 colors. Each kit contains: 3 yards of ribbon - 1 yard - 3/8", 1 yard - 5/8" and 1 yard - 7/8"

Making Memories Cosmo and Details Ribbon Cards
Cosmo Ribbon Cards contain 5 color-coordinated ribbons each 1-yard in length.  Details Ribbon Cards come in 9 different color choices.  There are a 9 hand-dyed ribbons, ranging from 1/16" to 1/2" wide with 1-yard of each ribbon on each card. They work beautifully with Making Memories Ribbon Charms (see below).

Making Memories Ribbon Words
Ribbons with printed words that can adorn the pigtails of little girls or add a sugar and spice to layouts and cards.

Making Memories Kids Trims
Making Memories Kids line of trims are exceptional. Available in 4 color families with each package containing 8 trims, 1 yard per trim and 2 embellishments. 

Maya Road Ribbon Kits
Fun ribbons that come in solids and stripes.  The solids have 1-yard each of 6 colors in a mix of 3/8” and ¼” ribbons. The brightly colored stripes are 3/8” wide, have unique texture on both sides, come in 1-yard lengths and are sold in packs of three.  

Phrase Cafe Baby Faces Ribbon Kits
Six different trims, each 36 inches long. They coordinate with the Phrase Café vellums, safety pins, alphabet rub-ons, and stickers. 

Crossed Paths Ribbon Collections
Thick textured grosgrain ribbons come packaged with one 7/8" stripe and two coordinating 3/8" solids. All ribbons are dyed-to-match the colors in the Crossed Paths Collections and each ribbon is 1-yard long.

Rusty Pickle Ribbons
These beautiful ribbons add rustic, country charm to your layouts.  They are sold in single 1-yard increments and come wrapped on a wooden clothes pin.

Doodle Bug Rick Rack and Ribbons
Colorful and complimentary rick rack and ribbons that can be glued or stitched onto layouts or cards.  They coordinate beautifully with Doodlebug patterned papers and embellishments.

Gin-X Fabrix
Four torn-edged fabric strips measuring 3 feet long by approximately 1/2" wide per package. Fabrics coordinate with papers and rub-ons in the Gin-X paper collections.

Pebbles Real Life Stickers 
For those who don’t like the bulk of ribbon, these fun ribbon stickers could be just for you.  Two styles available.  

Ribbon Charms, Slides and Labels

Making Memories Ribbon Charms in large and small sizes

Add that special “charm” to your layouts with these versatile metal ribbon embellishments.  Lace ribbon through them for a unique accent.  

Making Memories Ribbon Labels
Self-adhesive metal "labels" with words that are so easy to use.  Simply thread your favorite ribbon through the holes in the label and slide it into place.  Available in 9 themes and each package contains 6 theme-related labels.  

All My Memories Expressions Ribbon Slides
These metal slides come in hearts and rectangles and are engraved with words.  They're in themed packages and work wonderfully with 1’4” ribbons.

Maya Road Ribbon Slides & Frames 
Eclectic metal embellishments that are ideal to use with the Maya Road ribbons or with other ribbons you choose.  The frames can have jump rings added to hang from your ribbons. 

Ribbon Storage:

Cropper Hopper Ribbon Storage Cards
Wrap your ribbons onto these cards for easy storage and organization.

CraftLocker Ribbon Storage and Accessory Storage
Ideal storage and organizers for ribbons, embellishments and tools.  The drawers from both styles are interchangable.

Cropper Hopper Embellishment Boxes 
Another storage solution for your 3/8" and smaller ribbons.  Boxes fit into the Cropper Hopper Embellishment Essentials Organizer - Medium.  So you don't have to image how this system works, I've included the blog with photos of the organizational method below.

Cropper Hopper Fiber Cards
Another storage/organizational solution for your ribbons. These cards also fit into the Cropper Hopper Embellishment Essentials Organizer - Medium.

Ribbon storage/organization using Cropper Hopper Emeblishment Orgainzer Products 

Staying in your comfort zone really isn't worth missing out on all of this excitement, is it?  Come join the fun!


      (Layout by Vanesa Ruiz)























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