An Interview with Jamie Harper, Product Designer 

 By Jill Davis, Founder of 
Want to learn the art of layout construction or get your layouts completed faster?  Floorplans [See Figure 1] might be just what you're looking for. has a revolutionary downloadable E-book devoted entirely to Floorplans, instructions on how to use them and sample layouts.  A Scrapbooker's Guide #4, Floorplans showcases the creative work of Jamie Harper, Jill Davis and other Product Designers.
  A Scrapbooker's Guide #4 - Floorplans
With this book, colored ink in your printer, adhesives and white and colored cardstock you can be scrapbooking beautiful layouts from anywhere in world in less than an hour.  Simply print your purchased Floorplans book and suggested E-Cuts and begin constructing layouts using the 52 Floorplans and their layout samples. 
Like every building project, a layout begins with a concept, idea and blueprint that when followed becomes a work of art. Floorplans are simple drawings for you to follow for easy layout assembly.  Here's what Floorplans look like: 


      Figure 1: Two sample Floorplans

With that brief introduction to Flooplans let's get one with interview:  


  Thanks for sharing your love of scrapbooking through Floorplans with us.  I'll get right to my first question.  What are Floorplans?
Jamie:  Floorplans (also known as sketches and blueprints) are the beginning building blocks for layout construction.  They can be made from your imagination, your previous layouts, from ads in magazines or on television or you can purchase them from companies who produce them like  

  What is their purpose?
Jamie:  Basically, they simplify scrapbooking.  For the woman who is busy, they allow for much faster results when creating layouts. They’re also great for the person who suffers from creativity block because they can pull out their Floorplans book and have instant access to layout ideas…the hard part (creating the arrangement of the layout) is done for them.  If you begin with a Floorplan, you can pull a layout together in less than one hour, honestly.  Put simply, you'll get the results you want in less time –making room for other important things in life. 
  Why did you start using them?
Jamie: Being a scrapbook instructor I needed to be organized and have my classes run smoothly.  Floorplans helped me teach.  When students created a layout from a Floorplan I was certain they would be able to take the Floorplan and completed layout home and use both as a springboard for other quick and easy layouts. The side benefit was that Floorplans helped me with my personal scrapbooking. 
Jill: Do you always use a Floorplan?
Jamie:  No, because I've been scrapbooking for so long.  I often design layouts without them.  Butl, the interesting thing is that a layout can be broken back down to reveal a Floorplan, which is what I always encourage my students to look for.
I like to work backwards, creating the layout and then making the Floorplan from the layout.  This way I know it is my own work and I know the Floorplan will work for others because it has been tried and works for me.   

Where do you get your ideas for Floorplans?
Jamie: They’re all around in architecture, billboards, television, sketches used by interior designers, fine art, magazine ads and articles.  I’ll list some of the places where I find my ideas: 
- Architecture:  In the shapes of buildings or windows; I’ve also found them in skylines


- Billboards: I look at the layout of the billboard and how the shapes within it are positioned. 

- Television:
I’m a keen observer of the opening introductions to shows.  A great example is “Everwood” on The WB  Network Monday evenings.  It is the best example of a Floorplan I’ve found on television which I created one of my favorite layouts from.  [See Figure 2]

Figure 3:  Layout inspired by Everwood

- Sketches used by interior designers: Interior designers sketch out floor plans all the time.  Some of the design segments in Better Homes & Gardens show the floor plans used to create rooms.  Another place to look is in the brochures given out at model homes.  

- Art:
Art is a great place to look.  Artwork is already based on squares, rectangles and other geometric shapes.  The pieces are just waiting for someone with “fresh eyes” to study them and pull out the ideas for scrapbook pages.

- Magazine Ads and Articles:
  Two of my favorite sources to pull ideas from are Oprah’s “O” magazine and “Real Simple” magazine.  Both have clean, flowing lines to their style and are easy to adapt into layouts.  Look through magazines until you see something that “grabs” you…then figure out what it is that you love, whether it’s the actual layout, the colors, or just everything!  In Figure 4 you'll see a Floorplan drawn from a magainze layout and then in Figure 5 you'll see the  scrapbook layout inspired and created from it.



Figure 4:  Floorplan from magazine ad    

Figure 5: Layout  from floorplan                 

Jill:  Do Scrapbookers get more layouts completed when they use Floorplans?
Jamie: Absolutely.  First, they can use a Floorplan more than once.  You can mirror the image or combine two different Floorplans for a two-page spread.  You can move the elements within the Floorplan, and the image can be rotated or flipped.
Second, you do not have to spend so much time looking at your photos wondering what to do! We all do this from time to time (or some of us do it all the time) but by using Floorplans the hard brainwork is taken out of the equation.  And we all like to save time!
  Where can scrapbookers find the Floorplans you’ve created?
Jamie: They can find 52 of them in the Floorplans 1 book and a few others with layout samples and exceptional step-by-step instructions for how to complete each layout in the Construct-A-Page Section of the Superstore.  Go check it out.  

Below are some sample layouts created from Floorplans using various techniques and supplies.  You can get all of the Floorplans for these sample layouts and more in the Floorplans book:

Application #1:  Layout made from an E-Cut and a Floorplan
You can make a layout in a matter of minutes by using a E-cut and a Floorplan.  They are both such wonderful resources.  (Products used: Miracles 2 E-Cut and Bazzill Basics Cardstock.)

 Layout by Jamie Harper

Application #2: Layout made using only cardstock and a Floorplan
Sometimes all that is needed for the photos to work well on a layout is color…no stickers, die cuts or “frou-frou”.  When a layout is clean and simple (using just cardstock) the photos can stand-alone and the focus is as it should be. (Products used: Bazzill Basics Cardstock.)  

Layout by Jamie Harper 

Application #3: Layout made with preprinted packs and kits and a Floorplan
When I look at preprinted materials to purchase I always ask myself, “How many layouts can I use this on?”  I, like you, want to get the most for my money.  I love SEI papers.  They have beautiful color combinations.  This particular pack is my favorite.  I can create dozens of layouts from one pack alone.  It’s very cost effective and time wise because you don’t have to spend time mixing and matching paper and elements from many sources. (Products used: SEI Be Bop Paper Collection and Be Bop Tags.)    
Layout by Jamie Harper 

Application #4: Layout made using patterned paper and a Floorplan
Patterned paper can be a great addition to a layout.  My favorite way to use it is to layer it (see Paper Layering Article/Interview). A small amount can go a long way. (Products used: SEI Seasoned Paper Collection and Seasoned Tags.)

Layout by Jamie Harper 

Application #5: Layout created using topography (words) and a Floorplan
Using topography is my most favorite way to scrapbook.  If you take a close look at most of my layouts you see that I use the Making Memories Express It word stamps at least 90% of the time.  I love the look of graphic design, so maybe that’s why I love incorporating words into my layouts.  Or maybe it’s because I love journaling and I can’t stop the words from continuing onto my layout and photos.  Whatever the reason, I love to include them in my layouts to enhance the feelings I want the photographs to portray. (Products used: Making Memories Rub-ons &  Express It! Magnetic Stamps.) 

Layout by Jamie Harper
Thanks for your time and expertise, Jamie. It’s apparent that you know the benefits of Floorplans for yourself and others.  Do you have any other tips?
Jamie:  Yes, one last thing.  Floorplans take scrapbooking to its simplest form and free up your creativity so you’ll have more time and creative energy to devote to your journaling, photography, color choice and best of all, your family.  

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