Digital Scrapbooking Software

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Wondering which software you should use to do your digital scrapbooking layouts? We've outlined and described the most popular software packages available today.

Lumapix - FotoFusion - For Digital Scrapbooking
Finally! The first great editing software created just for digital scrapbookers! This is certianly our top pick for digital scrapbookers. You can easily create dazzlingly realistic layouts in seconds! It provides powerful, elegant manipulation tools and a very intuitive interface. In fact, this has fastest and most pleasant user interface we have ever seen.  This is the "top-rated photo application by user reviews" on and it's our top pick for digital scrapbookers. Hands down. No questions asked.
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Adobe PhotoShop CS
Adobe Photoshop is a great application for everything from photo correction to website design. It can also be used for digital scrapbooking. Photoshop was created mostly for businesses and the price tag reflects this. Its MSRP of almost $650 leaves most consumers tugging at their pockets. Photoshop has been used by web masters and web designers for years. It is, no doubt, the most comprehensive image editing program available on the market. With standard features like color enhancement, cropping, re-sizing, and retouching and with new and improved functions like layering, filtering, and workspace customization, Adobe Photoshop is the perfect solution for any serious designer or digital scrapbooker. While Photoshop is very robust, it might be overkill for most digital scrapbookers. It's nice to have so much functionality, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the vast array of options and the large price tag.

Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0
Similar to Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 captures the best, most applicable features of the original Photoshop, but at a much friendlier price. While Photoshop CS was created for businesses and professionals, Elements was created specifically for consumers. This image editing software uses the same interface as Photoshop, and but with some significant limitations.  At an MSRP of only $100, Photoshop elements is a good option.

Paint Shop Pro 9
Paint Shop Pro provides a multitude of functions that will bring your photos to life and allow you to incorporate other images and animation into your layouts. PSP begins by removing noise and filtering imperfections from your photos. Then it goes a step further and provides tools that allow you to be the artist. From chalk and pastels, to a smear tool and mixing palette, you can create all sorts of special effects within your image. PSP offers a history palette and a 'selective undo' tool that will correct imperfections long after you may have made them. PSP's personalized configurations can help you to create a completely digital layout by using the photo correction software, graphics creation, and web-page design tools. This is a user-friendly, and pocket-friendly, application. Not a bad choice for beginning digital scrapbookers, but not our favorite either.


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