Product Review: Xyron 900

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz; by Denise Gormish

Looking for an easy-to-use and convenient sticker machine? The Xyron 900

fills the order and a whole lot more! The Xyron 900 not only turns any flat item into a sticker, but it makes magnets and laminates paper items as well.

1_201Easy to Use. The Xyron 900 is exceptionally easy to learn and easy to use. After feeding an item into the fold-out tray, turn the handle. This will feed the item through the machine from one side to the other. The item will come out totally covered with adhesive on the underside of the item. It takes only a few cranks of the handle to cover the item.

Changing cartridges is easy as well because the cartridges are easily lifted out and dropped in the machine. Changing a cartridge takes only a few minutes.

Convenient. Many aspects of the Xyron 900 design make it a convenient machine. The Xyron 900 does not require batteries, electricity or heat. Thus, it can be taken and used anywhere. This hand-powered device travels well and stores easily. The Xyron 900 is safe for all ages to use since no heat or special instructions are necessary.

The Xyron 900 measures 15 6/7" x 8 6/7" x 8 1/5". Its size makes it convenient for working with larger items. Despite its size, the Xyron 900 is lightweight because it is made mostly of plastic. The rollers, though, are steel so the machine holds up to heavy usage. An additional feature is a paper cutter, which can be removed to use as a stand-alone trimmer. The machine includes a one-year limited warranty.

Flexibility. The real advantage of the Xyron 900 is its flexibility, since it makes stickers and magnets as well as laminating.

As an adhesive machine, the Xyron 900 applies an even layer of adhesive up to 9 inches wide. The adhesive is evenly distributed and sticks well without leaving any sticker residue. The Xyron adhesive is acid-free and comes in both permanent and repositionable varieties. It works well for many projects needing an adhesive including scrapbooking, cardmaking, and school projects.

As a laminate machine, the Xyron 900 laminates items up to 8 1/2 inches wide. The laminate adheres smoothly and evenly. The laminate works well for protecting recipe cards, school projects and ID's.

As a magnet machine, the Xyron 900 adds a magnetic backing up to 9 inches wide. The magnetic cartridge also laminates the front side of the magnet at the same time. The magnetic material adheres well and can be used to make anything flat into a personalized magnet.

To use the full flexibility of the Xyron 900, separate cartridges in the various styles are necessary. The cartridges include the following:

The only drawback to the Xyron 900 is that the cartridges are somewhat expensive. Depending on your needs, the cartridges may last a while but are a big investment at the onset.

Xyron 900 provides a fast and convenient way to apply adhesive to a flat item, to produce magnets and to laminate papers.


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