Product Review: Scor-it Mini

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Article courtesy; by Patter Cross

1_161I never really thought that I needed a scoring tool because they are so big and I was getting along fine with my bone folder. Then the new Scor-it Mini came out which is a smaller version of the larger scoring tools. Now that was appealing to me, so I ordered it from, and I have really enjoyed the tool.

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box and set it on my scrap table is how sturdy it is. I love the rubber feet on the bottom. It doesn't move on my desk at all. It is also fairly small, and I can store it in my scrap drawer. It is also small enough to take to crops. The tool itself measures 9 3/8" x 7", has a centering ruler, and includes the scoring tool and stop-guide.


You can score your cards, make decorative scores, and create scores for boxes and other unique items. You can see here how I scored my tri-fold card, and then I added a decorative score to the edge of the flap of the card just below the green decorative paper.


Scoring your paper is super fast and easy, and makes a beautiful score! It's much better than a bone folder. One thing I did find a bit annoying was that when I put the chain at the top of the tool, it would stick sometimes, and cause me to stop as I was scoring a piece of paper. The workaround I found was to keep the chain to the right of my hand, which eliminates the problem. See the sample pictures below.


You can also completely remove the chain if desired. Check out the demonstration video on, which is informative. I actually watched it before I purchased my Scor-it to see if I truly wanted to try it or not. I guess you know what I decided. It really is a fabulous tool, and for the size and price, you cannot beat it!


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