Embellishments: Rhinestones and Crystals

By: Scrapbook.com

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Rachel Myerson

A recent trend in embellishments is self-adhesive rhinestones and crystals. There are many brands and styles to choose from. There are packs of a single-size rhinestone in a variety of colors as well as packs of a single color in multiple sizes (such as the Queen & Company jewels). There are also rhinestones already arranged into shapes, such the ones from Zva Creative. There are even embellishments created from several rhinestones such as Prima Bling flower centers.

You may be wondering what to do with these rhinestones other than admire them. Here are some suggestions


Rhinestones make great centers for flowers. I use them on cards and other items, such as this bookmark.


Of course, centers aren't only for flowers. I love using rhinestones in the center of my die-cut snowflakes to give a more sparkly, snowy look.



I love using my threading water border punch, but sometimes I am not pleased with what is showing through the holes. In this situation, I often end up covering these holes with rhinestones. I especially like this look on cards, where there are not too many holes to cover up.  Rhinestones are great along other types of borders too, such as the sticker border on the left side of this vacation layout.



Of course, rhinestones can just be used alone as an embellishment. A rhinestone embellishment can be used anywhere a brad is used (unless the brad is being used to actually fasten things together). The rhinestone is self-adhesive, lies flat, and doesn't require punching a hole, so it is often easier to use than the brad. On this layout, I used the rhinestones as embellishments in a location that I would have previously used a brad.


Rhinestones are also a beautiful addition to a handmade card, making the recipients feel like they've received something valuable.


Perhaps you are concerned that they don't match your style. When I ordered my first set of rhinestones, I wasn't sure how much I would use them. After all, I am the only female in a family focused on sports and other stereotypically male activities. Despite this, I can find many ways to use these rhinestones. As I've shown here, I use them on layouts, cards, altered items, and even bookmarks. If I can use them, then I'm sure you can too. Self-adhesive rhinestones are so easy and so much fun. I'm sure you will find even more ways to use this new type of embellishment.


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