Home Décor: Command Central

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Maegan Hall


Hello, my name is Maegan, mother to five kids. I also happen to be a slob. As anyone with kids knows, I can't afford to be messy when children bring important papers home from school or church. After losing a ridiculous amount of papers, I had enough and came up with a system high enough off the floor that little people can't reach. No more of the "Where is ______?" or "Did you sign my permission slip?" Important papers and chore charts are stored at the Command Central. It is located on the main level of our home, in the hallway. Guests can't see it unless they go deep into my home, past the bathroom. Other good places could be the mud room, back door, or garage for those who want it hidden.

If you want to tackle this project in one weekend, it can get pricey. I just happened to find everything I needed at yard sales for $2. Although, now is the perfect time to buy while school supplies are on sale. Your Command Central can be any size; the idea is just to be organized.

My system starts with a corkboard covered in Doodlebug cardstock and patterned paper. Each child has his or her own 12"x12" sheet for us to pin on gift certificates, artwork and papers. For the smaller kids, I put their name on it using Doodlebug alphabet stickers so they know their square. Covering the corkboard was easy; just place the 12"x12" cardstock sheets down on the corkboard and pin them down in the corners using a flat tack. I already had the paper and stickers in my stash.

The second part to my system is the clipboards. I labeled each clipboard with the child's name using Doodlebug alphabet stickers and had my husband screw the clipboards into the wall. They are removable. The clipboards hold papers that need to be returned, as well as chore charts. I didn't add cute ribbons to the top because my kids would just pull them off and they would get stuck in my vacuum. I positioned the clipboards opposite the corkboard, andput the little ones' clipboards up high so that they couldn't reach them and lose or break them.

There are so many options with this system! You can make the paper match your home, and obviously change the size and placement of everything. Maybe you could even add a hook somewhere for each child's coat or backpack. The idea is just to get stuff off the floor and put it up where everybody can see it and hopefully not lose it.


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