Username Post: Teach a Friend to Scrapbook CONTEST and DRAWING!
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My sister-in-law has been scrapbooking since last fall, and like me until I found this site, doesn't know those spiffy techniques that members have so readily shared with everyone. Yet, she still does a really nice job on all her layouts, and is able to display her pictures and memories in a really nice way.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I paid for my sister-in-law to go to her first crop and showed her some new ideas while I worked on my own scrapbook. While she struggled with a page here and there, I showed her what I did on one of my layouts and explained in detail how I did it (such as weaving). I was excited to share the ideas with her, but didn't want her to think that her ideas were inferior, so I continuously told her what I liked about her layouts as well when she finished them.

At the end of the crop, she took my ideas and turned them into her own, very proud of the work that she did. And, the following week, she showed me a couple pages she did with different paper weaves (which SHE explained to ME). She said that her husband (my brother) told her it was really neat, and she told him that she stole it from me. I explained to her that it's called "scraplifting."

So now it's my turn to be proud!

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