Username Post: Teach a Friend to Scrapbook CONTEST and DRAWING!
Nancy Keslin
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Nancy Keslin

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I have taught my three children to scrapbook.

My son, who is now 13 and I took a class when he was 6 on scrapbooking. We made an alphabet album, which he still has. In the end, the bug didn't bite, and his scrapbooking tools were put away.

My older daughter, when she was around 6, decided to take up scrapbooking. We made an album of her friends (well, 6 pages). Again, the bug didn't bite and the scrapbook tools were put aside.

Now, my youngest daughter decided she wants to scrapbook. Finally, the bug bit. What was I thinking. Now, whenever I have friends over to scrap, she has to join in. Unfortunately for me, her scrapbooking often requires assistance and that takes away from my "me" time. Oh well.....maybe some day we can actually enjoy the hobby together instead of it being a "teaching" moment.

My daughters also like playing here on They are homesclscrappergirls.

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