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Lol!!! Alone time on the potty would be often as my dog joins me you'd think I've modeled the behavior and she could start to use the toilet


1. Astrological sign
2. Family members (exclude pets)
3. Number, names, types, and breed of pets
4. Hobbies other than scrapping
5. Favorite color
6. Favorite holiday
7. Favorite music
8. Occupation
9. High school mascot & college mascot
10. Your children’s school mascot
11. Favorite college team
12. Favorite professional team / player
13. Describe your scrap style
14. Do you own a circuit or other die cut machine
15. Do you involve yourself in swaps
16. Do you involve yourself in challenges
17. Do you host challenges
18. Are you a member of a design team
19. How long have you been scrapbook
20. How long have you been a member of
21. What is the majority of the subjects you scrap
22. Would you describe yourself as religious
23. How often do you make homemade cards
24. How often do you make ATCs
25. What do you do you mostly do with your completed layouts
26. Do you belong to a kit club?

Your favorites (please show):
1. Your 3 favorite/handmade embellishment you make
2. Your 3 most UNIQUE handmade embellishment
3. Your 3 favorite layouts made by yourself
4. Your 5 favorite layouts made by another person
5. Your 5 favorite artist at

List no more than 5 (please
1. Punches (excluding edge) in your collection
2. Edge punches in your layout
3. Stamps in your collection
4. Cartridges for your die cut machine

On average (think of your typical 10 layouts) in your last 10 pages how many times did you:
1. Use a handmade embellishment
2. Use a handmade tag
3. Dominantly use distressing
4. Dominantly use bling

What items would you feel comfortable making for swaps

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