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sigh,,,,I do not know if I qualify for this thread or not,

I am a mom and I work,,,,,,but my youngest child is 17 and a half, and we are COUNTING DOWN!!!! It is JOYOUS I tell you! DH is practicing his "Happy happy joy joy we are no longer responsible for you" dance,,,

however the child wants to go to college, so I don't know how much more responsible we could get,,,,,

HOWEVER, I am STILL a taxi,,,,I STILL pick up after them,,,,I STILL hand out money like an ATM machine,,,and I am STILL waiting up for them to come home with the car (ack!!!) at midnight,,,

and guess what,,,,I STILL have no alone in the potty time, or dressing alone time, or my own drink or icecream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I qualify???????

of course you qualify--and I am jealous at least you can start thinking of doing the dance--we have a long way to go ---with our blended family we have a 20 (21 in few weeks) an 18 (19 in a few weeks) an 11 a 10 a 5 and a 1.5 ( 2 in a few weeks) three of them have a bday in june I cant even start to think about the dance for like seems forever but I did tell the dh that when the kids are all out--we are getting an efficiency apartment--haha I know reality wise that is not going to happen but it is nice to dream--we thought we were going to be down 2--the older boys lets see the oldest has his own apartment but guess what still at our house all the time--we secrectly love it though--and then the next oldest boy said he was moving out--boy I was already making plans for his room--but as always that did not happen. we are lucky though they are both in college and doing well. ugh the next two my ds & dd are going into junior high next year. boy are we in for it!! but gotta say glad God blessed us even with all the headache!!

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