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Pamelalynne, I hope that all goes well with your son. Everyone is right. I have a niece that lives with her dad. After her mom & dad's divorce, he took her and wouldn't let my sister see her any more. My sister would call and try to go by their house to see her, but he and his new wife (who was also his mistress) would tell her to leave and never come back. They had several sets of divorce papers drawn up and she wouldn't agree to them for various reasons. His lawyer (who happens to be his cousin) drew up papers and ran an ad in the newspaper saying that he couldn't find her and he got his divorce by default or something. Anyway, my niece really despices her dad for keeping her away from her mother for 3yrs! If you pray to God to give you a sign, he'll lead you in the right direction. Good luck. I'll keep you and your son in my prayers. Have a great weekend!

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