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I find myself laughing at your posts, my life is what i'd describe chaos. I have 2 boys aged 7 & 4. 2 Blk labrador retrievers. My DH joined the navy at the beginning of March and is currently in training at the other end of the country. We have been married for 7yrs next mth together for 10yrs in Dec. I got married when i was 19 when my oldest was about 6mths old. I only work 15hrs a week but between hopping buses to and from work & school i just can't find the time to sit down and do anything for me.
Scrapping is a rarity even setting myself goals for motivation isn't getting me very far. Housework is a no go area i wash like im addicted to soap powder but never iron it or put it away. Every other chore gets done whenever i get round to it. I spend my days off trying to catch up on everything and promise myself i'll do a little everyday so i might just might get one of my days off to myself sometime. But alas it is not to be.

Don't get me started on my kids. They are an absolute nightmare but i love every inch of them. My 7yr old thinks he 17. Has just started karate lessons and already thinks he's Bruce Lee. He has behavioural issues that we have yet to label. At the best he is described as suffering from stress and anxiety issues. He is very hard to handle at times and very frustrating. We are currently working on bed wetting and are starting to see some improvements over the last 6 mths or so. My 4yr old is very shy but since i put him into nursery all day is starting to come out of his shell a lot. He is currently working on potty training too. He hates to sit on the toilet and is currently going through a phase of holding himself all day at school until he comes home then his stomach is so upset he cannot hold it anymore, which is rather embarassing but we are just having to get on with it.

My grandmother had 7 children and was often heard saying if the pill had been invented in her day she wouldn't have had any lol. Somedays i think to myself maybe she had a point.

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