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if any disease could be called EVIL it is cancer. It seems as though it has a face and a personality, which at leeast gives us a concrete enemy to fight.

Its EVIL I say again. Its cruel..

I lost my beloved older sister to cancer last May. How hard she fought until there was nothing at all left to fight with. She was also a runner, into clean eating, didn't smoke..
The week after her 50th wedding anniversary she was diagnosed with retro-peritoneal caancer.. a huge huge tumor in her abdomen. She had every treatment, but it came back over and over.

she died the day I was giving Ally's birthday pparty.. Boy it was hard to keep a good face.. Her funeral, a woncerful celebration of her life was held on Ally's birthday..

I wish every cancer could get the efforts that breast cancer does..

it's so EVIL

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