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Cathy~~you know I will accept as many digital hugs as I can get! Support from friends in any manner will help.

Deb~~Congrats to you too. I plan on saying that myself in 2019 (provided the Mayan calendar scare is wrong!)

Angi~~I understand your frustration. I think I might understand his attitude too. Scared...confused...lost. Again, the "why Me" thing. Sometimes tough love might work. Maybe a heart to heart talk where you tell me that you will fight like h*ll for him to survive but without him fighting too it won't help. If that doesn't work, I'd talk to his oncologist or doctor. I'm sure this isn't the first time these drs have seen his type of reaction. What about a male friend helping? Or his family? He may also need a little time to sort out what is happening. Males do things different and I know it personally drives me nutso sometimes!!!

Heather!!! No names were harm no foul. She was sharing an experience of a friend. How often do we all do that? Chances are the FIL or the friend will never even know. IMHO I can't see the harm...sorry!

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