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I'd like to pop in again to add that we all need to be our own health advocates, and also be there to serve as health advocates for our loved ones when necessary.

What's wonderful today is that we're empowered like never before just by the knowledge available on the internet. Doctors are not gods, although they are schooled to think of themselves as god-like (otherwise, how could they make themselves perform surgery?). They are human, with human brains just like ours.

Decades ago, my dermatologist noted on my history that I had an aunt who died of a melanoma (different aunt, long before I was born) and told me I had to avoid unprotected sun, etc. I took it to heart and did as I was told for the last 25 odd years and am now paying for it with irreversible bone disease and related illnesses from being deprived of the sun's benefits. The thing is, it took doctors a year to nail down a diagnosis due to a rather complicated and boringly lengthy comedy of medical errors.

Please everyone, educate yourselves, speak up and if you can't, bring someone with you who will. I actually found it far easier to do so for others than for myself because when I was the one suffering through the confusion of the waiting and the not knowing, I suddenly became somewhat irrational - one doctor actually told my husband that I was suffering from 'fog on the brain' as if I wasn't standing right there, so to just kindly ignore my rantings.

Off my soapbox now...

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