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My prayer are with you for sure. One thing to remember through all of this though is to make sure you take care of YOU. Often as caregivers we tend slack off on taking care of our own needs, and it leaves us feeling run down and not able to cope. I know, been there.. Make sure you eat right, get sleep and do what gives you peace of heart in whatever doses you can get. I will pray for you to have the strength you need to go through this and pray for a good outcome for all.

This is soooo true...! I watched my mom pushed dad around in a wheelchair while taking care of his every need and his ailments. Willing herself not be sick, etc. After he passed suddenly, it took 3 mos before she was suffering from spinal problems etc.

Angi~~~your tired due to emotional drain. I know...I've been there! Sleep relax and somehow (thru exercise or something) get rid of your stress!!! Hard I know...

Mandi~~~How devastating about the insurance. Lordy how mixed up is all of that! It really scares the beejeebies out of me. Luckily our ins is under direction that they had to cover existing problems and by doing that all of Weyerhaeuser is now BCBS. I send many hugggsss to your friend & to you!

Ellie~~~Go have your mole(s) removed!!! It's simple enough and melanoma and the other skin cancers kill quick. I've had basil cell cancer on my face and I thought is was only a pimple that wouldn't heal. I was lucky...but being a red-head I do get checkups all the time. Pleasseee go do this and don't wait.....!!!!

I guess I'll spend tomorrow on the phone with all the ins people and see what's what.

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