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Hi, Christine and Dawn.

Christine, hope the thrush clears up soon. I cannot believe Anna is one month old already! Has it just flown by?

Genie, I agree, so nice to have somewhere to talk about all of this. And I think the hiccups bother Adele too! She seems to get so upset when she has them! Glad work is going well, and that they like having her around!

Dawn, shame the nurses gave you bad advice! Glad you're coming into a schedule now though.

Well, I am 10 days postpartum today. It is still uncomfortable to sit down (I sometimes sit on my Boppy pillow!). But on a positive note, I've lost 25 of the 38 pounds that I had gained during pregnancy! Breastfeeding is the best weight-loss plan ever! We still set an alarm last night (for every 5 hours), afraid that Adele wouldn't wake us up when she was hungry. But she did, so hopefully we'll be feeding more on demand than not from now on. Thanks for the advice, mommies!

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