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Once it get's over the mid 70's, it's too hot for me. I think we've already had a couple of days close to or over 90, which is unusual for June here.

So far I've only done grid paper in 8.5 x 11. I mark off the middle of each size and line it up on a cutting mat. Then I draw lines 1/2" away from the center mark, so it makes a 1" square in the middle. Then I draw another line going towards the edge of the paper 1/8". Then another one 1", and so forth. I do this going in both directions, till I reach the edge of the paper. Not sure where to start on a 12 x 12, as I haven't tried that yet. You need to use a color light enough that you can see your pencil lines, and draw very lightly. I am using an off-white color right now. Hope it turns out as planned! lol Hope my directions make sense.

Not sure what the VBS theme is. I don't pay much attention, since I don't help and our son is too old to attend. I usually don't get home from work until 7 pm or after, and it starts at 6. Dh usually works much earlier than I do. He works retail, so he doesn't have a set schedule. I work in a bank, so I can't leave until we are done.

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