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I just found you guys before I went on vacation a couple weeks ago. Since I got home, I have jumped into orphans ministry that has been on my heart for . . . well, years I guess (not always the fastest to pick up on what God is telling me to do).

I call my local DCFS and they were thrilled w/ the idea of making scrapbooks for kiddos that are in the system (Lifebooks we call them in adoption circles b/c it's a place to chronicle your journey and dream or cry ect). So this is, to me, the really easy part of what I am seeing for the bigger ministry picture. Getting scrapbookers together to make some blank albums w/ their scraps and never used materials.

What I was wondering from you all (and I know I'm sharing a ton as a newbee, but I trust you already) is if you have ever seen this done? Could you do it too? and does your church have a scrapbook ministry of ANY kind?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on serving w/ our hobby

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