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Good Morning!

Janet - I hope your pup returns soon and that if someone did take her in, they contact local shelters. My friend is housing a stray cat and she's been checking craigs list in case the owner has posted there - maybe you can post that your pup is missing?

Tiff - stretchy tendons in foot and probably back - darn pregnancy and what it is does to our bodies. I'm not Dr. Google or anything, but I had really bad back pain a few months after having DS and the chiropractor told me the hormones that our bodies release toward the end in preparation for loosening up hips for delivery can also do a number on the rest of the tendons/ligaments in our bodies.

Liz - sorry your week is so crazy but that is awesome DD gets to meet her favorite author. DS and I just started reading Percy Jackson a couple of months ago - it is taking us forever tog et through the first book because we read a little right before bed and he likes to read other books too.

Mad - sorry about the back pain. Hope you get into the chiro soon.

Sarah - hoping the clothes that you ordered work well for you. I dislike clothes shopping.

Me thinks I should have gotten the good drugs from the dr. I was awake from 2:30-4 last night with a painful arm. I got up to ice it, take a couple of tylenol and tried to get comfy. I'm hoping it was just because of overuse yesterday with showing co-workers how I can't lift it and then the dr. testing it out.

I'll try to stop whining about it, I'm really not a whiner and usually have a high tolerance for pain. Just a PITA when it's my dominant arm/hand.

Wow, I just realized I tend to write novels...

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