Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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you are exactly right - if you blink or walk away for a second - you could miss some clues to putting the story together. I have watched each episode about 3 times each - I watch online - easy for me!!

from what I can tell - the plane crash was caused by a terrorist group that money from the Graysons funneled into. But that Emily's Dad was blamed for!!!

I am not trusting that Tyler guy (Daniel's college friend - I knew as soon as I saw him - he was a total fake)

I can't wait to find out who shot Daniel from the 1st show - I have my theories!!! But as the show continues and the story unfolds - I'm not sure!! I do know that I don't think it was Emily - she isn't there to kill - just get revenge of course and wreck their lives.

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