Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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Getting in on this a little late.....but I am really digging 'Revenge' too. Have been watching it since the beginning via DVR but have not watched last nights episode yet. I got my DH hooked too which is always a good thing!

Someone asked....Who we thought shoots Daniel.
I would guess Amanda, since she is into Jack and you can tell Emily has, perhaps reluctantly, feelings for him too and likely eventually tires of seeing Amanda with him and tries to put an end to them being together, thus pissing Amanda off and wanting to get revenge on Emily by shooting Daniel, which I do believe Emily does have true feelings for as well. Any other interesting scenarios out there???

I also cannot stand Tyler and knew he was bad news from the get-go! Poor Ashley for seeing him with Nolen...can you imagine??? I hope Nolen grows a set and keeps the creep at bay!

Remember about Victoria not really seeming to like/love Charlotte (the Mother/Daughter gathering & hearing the tape of her feelings to the Shrink)....there's gotta be a story behind THAT! So maybe she IS David Clark's daughter?

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