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My last day of work is over until January 3rd I picked up a "Snowflake Latte' " from Wegman's (grocery store) on my way home to give me a little energy boost to now begin wrapping presents...nope, haven't even started yet

I promised DH we would not wait until Christmas Eve to start because we (meaning he) ends up running to Walgreens at 10:00 pm to pick up another gift for one of the kids to even things out, because that's the only place still open Let's see if I make it tonight....

I have a 12 year old daughter and a 16, almost 17 (2 weeks away) son and am from Maryland, btw

So, how was everyone's day??

Hi E

Deb, I doubt your kids really still count gifts, do they?

No, E, my kids have NEVER counted gifts, but I do...I want them both to have close to the same, and we try to spend the same amount of money on each of them, which doesn't always make the number of gifts equal, if that makes sense. Zan has 4 less gifts than Annie right now, but we spent more money on him, so we're picking up a few gift cards for each of them tomorrow and calling it done...they are spoiled brats...we just spent 4 hours wrapping!!!
Why don't I count before Christmas Eve normally??? Because I do 99.9% of my shopping online and don't have the time nor the energy to even take the stuff out of the boxes they were shipped in until then I'm actually still waiting on at least 1 package in the mail for my sister...I honestly lose track of what I've ordered because I started shopping this year at the end of October, which is really early for me

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