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I read about 100 blogs a day.

Now the 100 a day is a lot but I follow close to 400 people. I really should take the time to unfollow some folks but you never know when they may post the unexpected.

That's a lot!!!

OP,I don't get them either really. I *do* get following creative blogs, getting inspiration for scrapping, home decor or whatever but just following the day to day events of strangers lives....????.....that i do not get at all.

I've heard people say you get hooked etc but personally I couldn't read long enough to get that interested but each to their own

I'll watch to see what other responses you get in case I'm missing something

That's exactly what I feel...creative? sure - what someone ate for breakfast? no thanks..

I have a little pet peeve about the bloggers who post los here and then say "for details check my blog" least now I understand why they say that but it is a turnoff for me. It feels kind of rude.

I agree, like touting for business somehow.

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