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Stacey, that's funny your kids are about the same age as my sister's her oldest son will be 12 in August and her younger son is 3.

Amy,keeping my fingers crossed for you about the job. Those awful neighbor kids-you should set up some sort of trap for them.Like surprise them when they are doing something bad.

Alyson, Yay on your order!

Shatema, oh no that is awful! Hope there is some way you can get the stuff back.

I put a deposit on a baby bird to be. After they are born the guy will send me pictures or I can go there and pick one out then when the baby bird is weaned I can pick him up and take him home.

Going to dye eggs tonight with the kids. Then it's family stuff all weekend. My parents on saturday, my in laws sunday. Another busy weekend. Looking forward to Easter morning with the kids though.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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