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Hi Jen! Nice to meet you and thanks for the welcome!

Sorry to hear about your pet friend - prayers for you as you miss her this week (and always). What a blessing to have a little friend in your hard time! Some friends for a season, sounds like.

MIL is doing well, was in good spirits this week. She isn't a candidate for transplant because of her heart failure diagnosis; that was made over 2 years ago now, and it on top of so much else (gout, diabetes, high blood pressure...) AND the kidney failure is just physically devastating. We'll do what we can for as long as we can!

I'm feeling better some. Did okay yesterday so that I decided to join the ladies for our church's women's breakfast this morning (for the first time!) but have had a couple of coughing fits again today. Who knows what this is, but I am praying that it LEAVES and is DONE this weekend! In Jesus name!

...and maybe I'll actually get some scrapbooking in tonight or tomorrow. So much catching up on housework to do it's not funny! (Just sitting here now as I nurse a baby and wait on lunch. LOL I'm so bad!)

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