Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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Interesting...the thought that David Clark is still alive, but I don't see that, since I cannot see ANY good enough reason why he'd put his daughter through that grief for so many years. Wasn't he killed many years ago? It wouldn't bother me to see him suddenly come back from the dead though, since he IS quite the looker...y'all agree???

Ashley is gonna get some leverage you can bet on that, from what she saw in Emily's window. I guess she had the masters to learn from working for the Greysons...LOL!!! I wonder if she'll try to work on Daniel, thinking she may have a chance with him, once she lets him know....if she does! Who knows which direction she'll go in.

Yeah...where was Nolen's BG??? Though, by the looks of things, he might have been taken out by the bad guy if he were around anyway. Looks like a REALLY bad dude's got Nolen. I saw a Revenge posting on my Facebook, but didn't click on it for details, but it showed a picture of Nolen AND Emily tied up sitting on the floor. I just hope we're not left with THAT scene as a cliffhanger at the end of the show.

I don't get the impression Jack thinks or senses that Emily is really Amanda Clark. I think he would have said something to her about it by now if he thought that. It's clear though that he does have real feelings (well, TV real) for her. Even more than he has/had for the fake Amanda.

Weird about the tattoo on Em's wrist. I've never noticed it either. She must hide it under makeup since it wouldn't go along with her "proper" Hamptons style.

Can't wait till Wednesday~

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