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So sorry that I have been MIA. It took Addison a while to get better. Then Autumn's asthma was triggered again, pretty bad. I feel so sorry for Autumn, she has both pollen and mildew allergies. So when it is dry for too long or rains for too long her asthma is really bad. So last week with high pollen counts and then the constant rain. here in NY, for days now, she has been ill with asthma.
Addison is finally back in school and Autumn's asthma seems to be getting under control (Thank goodness) Now if I can just get 2 nights of good sleep, I will be golden.
I have been running myself very thin lately. Between hospital, doctor and Urgent Care visits and taking on more kids, it's been rough.
See the 2yo, that I have full-time is moving back to Miami in July so I am doing what I can to make up for the pay loss, now, without having to work overnights at a diner.
Now I have him full-time for now and 5 other kids, part-time. They usually come at different times but yesterday and today I have the full-timer and 2 of the part-timers all day and I have the 3 other part-timers coming at different times today but I will not have more the 5 in the house at one time thru the day.
I think I will be getting a new full-time 2yo, this summer and his sister full-time, thru the summer and then after school come fall. There is also a chance that I will be getting an infant this fall. The baby is due in July and I will see what my day is like before I commit to the baby. The baby will not be in my care until Oct/Nov, si I will see then.
I am kinda hoping to be pregnant or trying by then so I won't want an infant.
Sorry for the babbling. I'm off to give the kids more finger paint now. Boy I wish this weather would dry up so I can take all the kids to the playground!!

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