Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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WOW....what an ending!!!

I was thinking that Victoria was for sure dead, until reading here that she may not be and, you're right, the news reporter did say there were who knows. But Conrad for sure knew the plane was rigged.

Amanda showing up...preggers, no less...was a real kick in the butt to my hopes for Ems and Jack. From the looks of Jack though, I think he's happy for the baby coming, but I think he wishes it was he and Ems having it instead. Poor Ems, like she really needed more heartache.

Charlotte really got under Declans skin this time with her outing of his friend with that older teacher. Not sure if he'll come around...even if she tried to commit suicide. He looks like he's done!!!

Glad to see Nolan is fine....and he was thinking ahead and saved the day with those document/video the game continues!!!

Really curious about what Ems Mom's story is gonna be...and who will play her. IF Madaline Stowe (Victoria) is off the show, they'll need another big name star I presume. It looked like David Clark "Knew" about her being alive though, from what Victoria said.

It did appear that the white haired man knew that Emily could be watching them in Conrads office. Why didn't he tell Conrad about her...THAT is the question!!! Perhaps he'll cut her a break since she spared his life, but I don't see him joining an alliance with her...but who knows~ Did Ems kick some serious butt with him or what??? That's our Girl~

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