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I am sorry, I know that I have been so bad lately. It was just Addison's 6th birthday. I was very busy with all the prep for the party. That was on top of 2 days of t-ball; then Girl Scouts and 2 class trips. I didn't realize how much they did with Kindergartners in this town. The school year is winding down, there is on;y 8 days of school (well 6 full day and 2 2 hour days) and in that time there is a Sprinkler Day, Kindergarten Picnic and Field Day. We also have Addison's t-ball (well the town Little League) barbecue and we are leaving on 6/22 to Relay For Life in New Hampshire, which is a little over a 300 mile drive from where I live.

**Weigh-in** 224. The scale is FINALLY going in the right direction again. I started the Insanity DVD program and let me tell you it is INSANE!! Today is day nine and I do not look forward to ANY workout!! LOL! I am starting to not be as sore so I am hoping to start getting back to the gym too.

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