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Quickie wedding -- Nick and Phyllis tie the knot next day with Katherine presiding as JP. Avery is not invited. Later, Avery finds out this info and that Phyllis lost the baby.

Although the soundless tape of Daisy shows her in front of Phyllis's door then leaves for the elevator, she says she heard nothing (Phyllis screaming for help.). However, in a quick sound test, it is discovered she did hear something.

Daniel does not trust Daisy.
Daisy overhears a conversation at CL about how Cricket and Paul were nearly killed in a hit and run accident years ago.
Ricky is getting on Daisy's case and gives her some info. Daisy puts two and two together and goes over to Phyllis's and tells her what she knows as Daniel learns for the first time this info as he quietly comes down the stairs.

Nick is clueless till things get explained, eventually.

No one can pin a thing on Daisy though.
Michael the new DA hopes Daisy slips up and then they can do something.
Lauren secretly gets another gun.
Phyllis and Daniel want Lucy but Daisy is in the way.
Nick knows how Phyllis and Daniel feel and finds Daisy annoying.
Ricky has taped Phyllis saying she would kill Daisy.

Kevin promises Daisy to be her big brother and watch out for her. She is delighted she has someone she can count on although this might not work out like she thinks.

Tim Reid is missing and forgot to take his meds.
Phyllis tells Avery that she sent him away for good so Ricky cannot snoop around.

Genevieve hires Kevin to hack her Swiss bank account but Chloe does not like this.
I wonder if they will put Genevieve and Tucker together now Ashley is out of the picture.

Sharon and Nikki have a fight in the stables and both get arrested and continue to battle it out in the jail cell. Victor leaves them alone to work out their issues and asks a favor for a court hearing delay. This was really very unattractive and juvenile.

Fen is all grown up too.
Three all grown up -- Fen, Summer, and Kyle.
We have not seen Faith for a long long time, so maybe she might get old in a nano second too as well as Delia or Johnny.

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