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hi all,

my name is dee (naturally lol) and i'm new to scrapbooking and this site even though i joined last year. i said a quick hello, then disappeared but i'm back (gee you guys are sooo lucky hahaha)

i have uploaded some of the work i've done, i have never been to classes or anything, i don't have any tools (well a stanley knife, a cutter ruler mat thingymebob that doesn't seem to work for me lol, oh and a hole punch). i am just a tad obsessed with scrapbooking, and am always looking around (no matter where i am) for things and bobs that i can throw into the mix. the stuff i have bought has all been from cheapy shops as there aren't alot of scrapbooking shops close to me (i live in western sydney)though i did actually enter my first scrapbooking shop last week and thought "wow, i've died and gone to heaven" then immediately thought "hmmmm i need money...lots and lots of money" lol.

looking forward to meeting you all, looking at your wonderful scrapping, learning new tips and tricks and techniques, learning to decipher what you guys are talking about lol and improving on my scrapping. hope to chat to you soon xx

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