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I think Nina lives in California and writes screenplays.

Sharon overhears (comes in) at the Ranch, Nikki and Victor arguing. She then goes shopping, pays for her item/s and tells the sales lady it is a good day that got better. When the sales lady leaves, Sharon lifts a necklace from the display on the counter. Later, Victor notices it and he asks Sharon to move in with him.

Where is Faith?? We have not seen her in ages.

Jack is making PT progress and is determined to walk down the aisle with Nikki.

Carmine and Abbey have an argument on the basketball court but then share some hot delicious kisses behind some bushes. I hope they make Carmine a sensible good citizen character if he is going to be involved with Abbey.

Adam proposes to Chelsea and asks her to elope buys drinks for everyone to celebrate.
Chelsea seems naive. Adam does seem to have changed but I do think he is hiding his feelings for Sharon as she is for him. Adam flip flops a lot. Adam also is thinking of buying the McMillan mansion (Genevieve's former home).

Nick moves out (back to the Ranch) when he finds out the truth about Phyllis renting the car and trying to run down Paul and Christine decades ago. She can/will be charged because Christine was a federal worker.
Phyllis is devastated, even Michael cannot help her but Avery has a winning and positive attitude to get her out of this mess.

Paul is let out of prison and attends son Ricky's funeral. Later, Ronan arrests him at the cemetery.
Ronan and Michael will work together to show Paul is innocent and possibly the charges dropped.
Christine is Paul's rep.

Eden cannot remember a thing . . . yet.
I wonder if they will pair Eden and Daniel again?
But then there is Kyle and Noah (is he still around?).

Chloe and a reluctant Kevin ink a deal with Adam who wants 50% interest in the start up business. Chelsea seems to think this is a good deal.

No sign, dead or alive, of Daisy or Tim Reid.
Summer is a camp counselor and has no clue about her mother.

Nikki and Victor's emotionally abusive relationship on again off again as always.
Victor does not know what to do with himself without Nikki and fireworks.

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