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I had a 2001 Saturn L300 that we bought new. I finally got a new car this past March.

I have a Jeep Liberty now.
What I love:
-towing capacity (it's good for a small SUV)
-great pickup on the freeway (I have the 3.7L V6)
-large rear seat area
-plastic wet well in the cargo area (used it way more than I thought I would)
-all plastic molded door panels (a minus for some, a plus for me and my kiddos)
-reclining back seats (my 12 year old loves them)

What I don't like:
-gas mileage
-having a car payment again

The gas mileage isn't bad for an SUV, but it's worse than my Saturn was which had roughly the same sized V6 engine. The cargo area isn't overly large. It's on par with a mid size sedan trunk as far as what you can get in there. But when you fold the seats down you get a ton more room than any car.

If I could buy any car? Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Call of Duty edition :). But it was out of my price range.

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