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I think Victor figured it out today, Sharon lied.
He called her, she is not in NY but Kansas at the Farm where she answered the phone and said she and Noah were chatting and the move in deal had not been discussed yet.

Victor then made a phone call to the credit card folks and asked to check to see where she bought a plane ticket to.

Meanwhile -- Chelsea and Adam share happiness then Adam goes to the farm and finds Sharon (surprise stalker) where she professes her love for him. He then tells her he is in love with Chelsea.
How do we know it is true? Adam enjoys emotional cruelty.

Phyllis goes to jail and is fussing/freaking out about it.
She meets face to face with Paul leaving and he speaks to her saying your actions changed so many lives.
Ronan advises her, as a friend, to take the deal offered.
Christine wants Phyllis's bond rejected.
Christine will be talking to Danny.

We were amused that Ronan has his FBI tag on.
Michael and Christine do not have visitor tags.
Avery's V on her tag, matches the V neckline she is wearing.

Billy is going to run a negative story about Phyllis so he can keep his reality show. He fires her but she does no know this yet.

No matter what has happened to Phyllis over the years (mostly through her control and manipulations), she really did not deserve such a good life (despite pitfalls) when she was lying to everyone about her dirty little deed. Time to pay up! You owe everyone.

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