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Tiff - your house sounds almost like mine. We have...

1) my '01 Town & Country that is the family vehicle, yet now I don't trust it going on any trips
2) DH drives a 1990 Jaguar which I've been driving the past two weeks. I like it, but it sits so low to the ground. People in Ford Focuses sit higher than I do.
3) We have a 1986 Dodge Ram pick up for snow plowing but DH has been having to drive that since I have his car and it's so rusty we've had to reinforce the box of it
4) We have a '57 chevy but that's DH's hot rod and it can't be driven in the rain
5) We bought a 95 VW Rabbit a few months ago but the battery won't stay charged and it has a new alternator. DH just needs time to work on it.
6) And there are two cars waiting to go to the junk yard. But we've been trying to use parts from them before they go.

Whew...good thing we have 10 acres because if we lived in town, our neighbors would hate us.

Yes, it is time to get a vehicle from this decade

I think I've narrowed it down to used Toyota Rav4, Nissan Maxima or Toyota Camry....hoping to do some test driving this weekend.

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