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Has anyone rented out their home and if so what were your experiences? Give me the good bad and the ugly. lol

We are in the process of building a house and are trying to sell our house. But, there are 2 brand new houses in our neighborhood that we are having to compete with. Our house is only 4 years old. We live in a good neighborhood with really good school district. There are several military families in our neighborhood. Dh is retired military. If we rented our house I don't think we would have too much of a probably renting it due to the military community. But, there is always that chance that we have to pay both mortgages at the same time. We could do that if we had to for a month or two but that is it. And we are nervous about the renters not taking care of our house. We are moving in the neighborhood across the street. So, we can keep an eye out on the outside.

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