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Here is one LO I did last month...I went and scrapped with a friend I met originally on when I lived in NJ and she lived in TX, now we both live in LA about an hour away from each other! WEIRD! So we got together to scrap last week and I finished a LO! First one since I moved!

This is some good stuff! By Megan Ann

And there is the one I did on Sunday. Those were the pics I chose to use for the progressive (HORRIBLE choice, I see that now) and they were not working, so I ripped them off the paper and made a completely different LO instead of the progressive one. I have no other pics right now as all my printed pics are still packed somewhere, so I didn't go back and do the progressive Sunday. If you want to see the finished LO, it is in a best-friends only album as the pics are a gift for the parents-to-be and I do not want them "getting out" so to speak, before I give them as a gift! So pm me and ask me to add you as a friend & best-friend!

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