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Nathaniel is almost 14 months and hasn't mastered the spoon/fork yet either. He's really picky, but here are things he likes:

sliced fruit - fresh, or those little fruit cups (the ones in fruit juice, not syrup)
squeezable applesauce/fruit packets - a little more expensive, but less mess - you can get these organic
cooked peas/carrots
spaghetti with meat sauce
chunks of chicken - I throw a bunch of chicken breasts in the crockpot and cook it nice and soft and have leftovers
toast/toasted bagel
chunks/slices of cheese
grilled cheese! (I swear the kid could live on this and spaghetti!)
whole wheat cereal
cereal bars (still processed, but you can find some kinds with not as much sugar and junk) - good for a quick snack - I get the "adult" kind, not the ones in the toddler section - I find some of the Nutrigrain bars are healthier than the toddler ones!
whole wheat crackers
meatballs (mix ground beef/turkey/chicken, a little egg, some parm cheese, breadcrumbs and some shredded veggies - carrots, onion, zucchini, whatever - yum! Nate can't get enough of these) You can add sauce or not.

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