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Sounds cool! I finally started work AND IT IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE!!!! I am hoping now that I am going to be working at night I will be able to get something other than work and sleep done, but I am not sure! All I did this week was go to work, come home and sleep until I had to go to work again the next morning! And I only spent 12 hours out of the house each day, but I was truly exhausted when I got home--I just fell asleep and was lucky to wake up when my alarm went off the next morning! ACK!

I am only working part time now that I am finished orientation and I am working at night, which is more my style (I HATE waking up at 5:30 AM!!!) so I hope that I will settle into a routine. But I seriously do not know how people do it! WORKING for a living seems like a horrible thing to have to do!

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