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I think this has been a positive hospital stay. Joe got viral encephalitis when he was 17 which left him with a seizure disorder.

He has been in the hospital since last week becuase they wanted to induce a seizure to map it. He finally had one yesterday so we are waiting to see if they got enough of a reading on it so we can proceed with further testing.

From all signs so far, he looks like a perfect candidate for brain surgery! If so, the doctors are optimistic he will be seizure free for the first time in 18 years - able to finally drive and do things he's never been able to do.

So if test results keep coming in as we hope they will, and the way his doctor expects them too, in a couple months, this horrible 18 years of seizures will be in the past and Joe will have a new and normal life! So this is all good.

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