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Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers!

I have an update on my husbands progress.

All biopsies have come in from the Mayo Clinic. Bruce has 2 kinds of Cancer. Colon cancer and Kidney & Bone cancer. The type of cancer is called Neuroendocrine Tumor. It is an aggressive & fast growing cancer (in stage 4) and there is no cure. His life expectancy is estimated in months (with treatment maybe a year).

Bruce has many bone cancer lesions from Right Skull throughout the spine, Ribs, right Hip, Left Shoulder & Arm. Very large tumor on C2 Vertebrae. This particular tumor is giving him the most pain, and if not treated fast, can encompass the spinal cord and cause paralysis. Colon tumor is also worrisome, as it is closing his intestine. Bruce still needs MRI of brain.

Dr. does however, think the C-2 vertebrae is strong enough to withstand radiation without causing damage to the spinal cord.


#1. Monday they did CAT SCAN Mapping (a 3-D computer reconstruction of the neck and shoulder tumor), for targeting purpose. During the mapping, Bruce had to lay on his back, with a hard plastic mold under his neck. The mapping only took a few minutes, but when they were done, Bruce was in severe pain because the hard pillow pressed on his neck tumor and nerves. He doesn't know how he will be able to lay there for an hour or more for his treatments.

#2. Wed- Sept 12---See Dr. Dy at office, and he will inject a Bone Strengthener called Zometa, through an IV, which will take about 1-1/2 hours. During this time, Bruce will get verbal Education about his Therapy from the Nurse.

#3. Bruce will get his 1st Radiation treatment on the same day.
RADIATION SCHEDULE: (Neck & Shoulder Tumor)
10 treatments during a 2 week period.

#4. CHEMO SCHEDULE: (For all other cancer of bones, kidney, & colon)
4-6 sessions every 3 weeks for 3 months. Chemo medicine is a combo of Cystplatin & Topiside.

No surgeries will be done to remove any colon, kidney, or bone tumors, at this they think the radiation & chemo will shrink these.

Bruces's neck pain is so painful, he can't lay on a pillow or sleep. When he sits in his recliner, he can't even recline and lay his head back, or put his swollen feet up, because he has to sit straight up in chair.

Dr. Dy has increased Bruce's medications today, in order for him to get enough relief to be able to lay his head down on a pillow & sleep....and for him to be able to endure laying his neck on the hard surface during radiation. So far, medicine is working good. I am happy to say he is sleeping as I write this. Praise God!!!

As of today, my husband has finished his first round of Chemo, and will be getting his last radiation treatment. So far he has done amazingly well with his treatments. He has not been very sick, and the radiation has shrunk the tumor in his neck vertebrae, so that he can now raise his arm...PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

No more treatments for the next 2 weeks. We are really glad about that, as we are exhausted from driving back & forth for treatments every day. But our Lord and Savior has been carrying us through we could not do it alone. Our family & friends have been very supportive & helpful as well.

Thanks again for your caring, encouragement & prayers!!!

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