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wowsers, you're all busy!
Good morning ladies!
I'm busy, too. need to get the laundry done, clean out the fridge, finish some cookes I started yesterday. Busy work day, too.

So I haven't been sleeping well for like 6 weeks, it takes forever to fall asleep and I almost always wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Last night after I finally got to sleep, I was actually sleeping really good, and my JH, wakes me up and says "Lynn, what's that beeping sound?" I said I didn't know, he said it's been going on for a couple fo hours. I had to get out of bed to hang up the stupid phone to charge. i was ticked! I told him it's pretty ridiculous that he had to wake me up to hang up the phone that he couldn't just get up and do it himself, especially if it had been bugging him for a couple of hours. Then he's mad at me, because I'm home all day and could have charged the phone. Left here still mad at me! I'm I wrong in thinking that I should be the one who's upset? (which I am)

Yesterday, the dog decided to roll in a fairly fresh, fairly large pile of some sort of poop, raccoon I think. he was completely covered, it was in his ears, packed into his collar and the hook for his leash. he was not happy when i got the hose out and scrubbed him down with the cold water and then left him outside for the rest of the day.

Brandon needs to sell 20-25 pies by the 8th of October. That's a lot of pies. Especially when there are 27 other kids all trying to sell 20-25 pies. Plus he has a long gear list we need to get by the time he leaves the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I'm tired...
WOOHOO on the finished Globe, by the way Pam!

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