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Good morning ladies! And happy Friday!!! Yeah, I know, it's not actually Friday, but, it's my Friday for this week, and I am super excited about it, because I am so over poopie diapers!!!! LOL!

Busy couple of days, have to cook for the football dinner tonight, might go to the volleyball game, the boys want mohawks for homecoming (tradition-but Clinton does that), tomorrow is homecoming and I can't wait to bith with the kids all day!
Yesterday the boys played volleyball for homecoming, I walked 4 kids up there, but it was so worth it! Hilarious to see all those boys in pink shorts and long striped socks! I'll try to post some pics to my blog later today!

You have been busy Debbie, so A has a girlfriend, and you found out on facebook, or A has a girlfriend on facebook? Hope no one else gets sick in your house!

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