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epic fail....his ex cancelled the appt on him (major issue is that I don't believe him). She suppsedly told the therapist she didn't agree with who he picked and the therapist said she needs both parents permission. AT this point I've called things off. I told him if we can't be together with the kids because of HER then I can't do this. He won't tell the boys mom has no say in his relationship. he's repeating a 2 year pattern of doing what she wants so he doesn't have to deal with it. I'm sorry but I won't let another woman tell me how my relationship goes. It's why I got divorced. Should he decide to fight her in court and shut her the hell up he can call me

I'm pretty much devastated right now.

I'm really sorry, G. I know you care about him a ton. Sounds like he has HUGE baggage that he just needs to deal with before he can focus on anything else. I hope he and the ex are working on making the best decisions for those poor kiddos caught in the middle. Sounds like "A" in particular needs some specialized help dealing with everything. What a rotten deal.

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