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I had to pop in here and tell you all that it can pay to be obsessive about spelling and grammar. I received a shipping notice from a company and noticed how they'd spelled "recepient." I emailed them, they responded immediately, were appropriately embarrassed, and gave me a $10 credit.

And may I add that the word "Cricut" is one of the reasons I never wanted one.

I you!!! Me too!!!!!

Probably because I was raised on phonetics, but it took me quite a while to understand its real pronunciation and that the "cut" in the word doesn't actually refer to die-cutting. I had originally thought it was supposed to be a clever play on words but I could never figure out the "cri" part. Silly me, lol.

Whoa! Now I'm very confused.
It doesn't?!

I actually had a disagreement with a friend about this when it first came out. I insisted it was "cry-cut," she insisted it was "cricket." I wasn't convinced until she pointed out that the little character on the box is a cricket (which is NOT that obvious to me).
Looks like an ant from the old ants in your pants game.

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