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So sorry for your loss, Debbieb.

Pam, can't wait to hear about the camping trip.

Happy Friday night! My night to kick my feet up and stay up late! (getting up at 5:25 am makes for early nights most of the time)

I have been busy at work this week. I am trying to get some things more organized so it's easier for us to get things done. Other than work and running the boys I have been trying to keep up the dishes and laundry and cooking when I have to. Everything else around here is being neglected for now.

Riley's teacher picked him for a pilot program that she got a grant to try out for the school. He will be staying at school for 45 min. on Tues, Wed and Thurs for 14 weeks to play a computer program that helps with cognitive skills. I am pretty excited, his teacher is awesome (yes she is the one that I wasn't sure I wanted at the beginning of the year)she does some brain stimulation exercises each morning with the kids and I guess she got this grant for 5 students and picked Riley! He will be missing karate, but I think it will be worth it!

Tomorrow we are hopefully going to go looking at and for tiles for the ongoing bathroom project. After bowling of course and before the school carnival (if RJ gets to go that is)! Have a great weekend!

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